Money is an object, prosperity is internal.


A lot of folks become internet marketers for one specific reason. That is, to make more money. To have more money. To be able to do more and have more by having more money. Money, money money. Their entire focus revolves around money.

Unfortunately, that mental anchor proves one thing for sure – that person is poor. And until they win the game of money in their head, they will remain poor.


The sole purpose of money is to express appreciation.” ~ Arnold Patent


We show appreciation easily with money when we immediately perceive we are exchanging it for something of equal, or greater value. The price could be $100, but if the perceived value is about $20, the item or service will not sell.

Even worse, that one chance to make a first impression has backfired, your reputation has been tarnished. Possibly even to the point where your possible customers no longer even listen to your offer of goods and services.

Therein lies the folly of focusing on money, and not on service, or quality, or providing value to our customers.

Repeat customers flock to those merchants that always provide great value. Regardless of the size of the store or restaurant, when the customer knows they will absolutely receive great value for their hard earned money, they will be back. Again, and again.


Remember your friends.

I remember a commercial that ran probably 20 years ago. It was a time when everyone was becoming order takers utilizing telephones and the newest computers and software.

The set up was that the company was losing customers. Customer service was traded for how many calls could be made and orders taken.

The scene was a salesroom, humming away with activity. The big boss stood by the doorway with his suit jacket held over his shoulder.

A salesman asked him where he was going. The boss replied, “To go visit an old friend.”

The close of the commercial was the boss going out to their biggest customer, indeed an old friend. The visual was the boss walking into the office and with a huge smile, shaking the hand of his oldest, biggest customer, and the friend that gave him his start.

The voice over was about the power of the human connection and how we should never lose that.

If we lose sight of that concept and only focus on the money to be made, our efforts will smell like last week’s laundry. UX selling, or “user experience” copywriting, writing, and selling is proving that out.

Long gone are the days of a one sale transactional business. Customers want to feel partnered with us now. They want to trust us and our products. More than ever the statement of “They are buying you, not the product” rings true.

We as marketers should not be seeing that as a challenge. We should embody it with every fiber of our souls.

Few people like beggars. When you are putting your money foot forward before your service and value, you are a beggar. A poor, wrongly driven beggar.

And you will continue to look like a beggar until you win the game of money in your head.

If you’ve decided to bring a product to market focused on value and integrity and providing a great user experience, we can help. This webinar lays it all out for you. And, it’s chocked full of value – for you.


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