When I ask other fledgling marketers when they are actually going to start their online businesses I hear a lot of “when the timing is just right,” or, “as soon as I can get the time.”

The glaring truth is that those are excuses hovering around the individual and not timing. Indeed, there has never been a better time to start an online business than right now.


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

There has never been a time so enriched with technology and new ideas. New platforms, new methods and new ideas are coming forth at light speed.

Unfortunately some of the new technological advances are making it easier for people to game the system and produce hideous content.

On the flip side of that it affords writers and marketers, such as myself, almost instant outlines and writing prompts to help us ply our wares. All the artificials don’t scare me, because they obviously lack that human touch and emotion.

If you can tell a story, or as Michael Cheney puts it, “Storyselling, not storytelling,” you’ll do fine.


Regardless of the time, it’s all about you.

If there is one thing a lot of us learned from the pandemic is that we can only rely on ourselves. If it’s going to happen for us, we need to make it happen. It is up to us.

The great thing is that kind of drive, determination and resilience are the very things you need to make it in an online business.

So if the question or focus is not on external time, then the logical answer is on internal time. Or, when are you going to start?


Time to separate the wheat from the chaff.

It’s easy to get caught up in all the guru methods, or the shiny new objects that seem to be getting great reviews.

An easy way to wade through all the mud is to ask yourself what resonates with you. The product is almost secondary. It’s the sales platform, the method of delivery, and if you could stomach selling ice cubes to Eskimos for the next ten years.

You can become a well know personal brand selling your wares online. Or you can become a two-bit huckster running a hit-and-run scam.

They are both out there in the stratosphere. It’s up to you to choose.


Online, or brick and mortar, it’s still a business.

Online businesses are still a business, and must be run as such. Do you think that a major conglomerate holds their board meeting and the chairman exclaims, “I have no idea how the online marketers run their business?” NO!

Their online business is ran just like their brick and mortar – that is, with a keen eye on profitability.

And as I shared in the beginning of this article there are a plethora of opportunity from which you can currently choose.

A stand-up, above boards opportunity I have come across is Michael Cheney’s “7 Figure Launch” system. Michael makes it easy for the newby to get a start because he helps folks just like you everyday.

Choose wisely. But, choose. There really is no better time to start an online business. And, it’s your time. See you at the finish line!

Wishing you all the best!

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