How An Ex Police Officer Earned 10X His Former Salary By Writing A Simple Sales Letter

Can you write a simple letter?

Have you ever written a love letter to someone?

Have you ever had to fill out a lengthy form or report?

Boy, I know I have!

Hi, my name is Gibson Goff.

When I ventured out into my career as an Air Force Security Policeman I was bringing home a walloping $380 a month.

When I left the Air Force and became a commissioned police officer I got a bump in pay – to an astounding $960 a month. $30 of that was a monthly uniform allowance.

From that I had to supply my own weapon, all my uniforms, and all my leather gear.

Already I was losing money.

Time rolled on and I quickly learned that a very large part of police work is paperwork. A form for this, a form for that. Report, after report, after report.

All the paperwork I encountered, and later in my career designed, had to follow a specific format.

Little did I know that skill would follow me throughout life, becoming one of the most valued assets I own.

Specifically it is the ability to follow some simple formulas while telling the narrative in a “story-selling” fashion and ending in a logical call-to-action.

You can easily learn this skill as well. Along with these others:

And many more . . .

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