I was born in Augsburg, Germany to a German mom and a U.S. Army Officer from the back hills of Virginia. After a tumultuous immigrate to the New York harbor I became German by birth, Scotch-Irish-American-Hill-People by heritage, and American citizen by choice. What a crazy life!

Coming from a long family history of public and military service I began following that same path as a teenager. Volunteer Fire Service and Emergency Medical Service lead to Air Force and Coast Guard police work. Then the career path of a Commissioned Police Officer and Corporate Security Professional followed.

My career of bouncing around from assignment to assignment ended as a Private Investigator in Seattle. Law Enforcement as I was forced to view it had become less than the honorable profession I had grown to know and love. I had come full circle. And I ran from it full speed.

And continued to run, eyes wide open. I became a traveler visiting a lot of North America, and almost every city, backroad and small town in the U.S. I met some great folks. I've seen great places. In 10 years you get to experience a lot.

More importantly, I found my voice. I can now fully appreciate that none of us are here alone. And the only reason I am alive and here today is because of the gentle hand on my shoulder guiding me through the mine fields.

I'm a storyteller. I get the privilege of taking all this lived history, these shared stories and golden nuggets of lives and putting them to paper so that everyone can share in them. A photograph has to be taken at the precise moment an event happens. A storyteller can take the historical bones and put meat on them. Flesh them out, and bring them to life.

Even more importantly paint these word pictures in the true beauty of the universe, in the wonder of life. We're all in this big story together. And it's a big, beautiful journey. I hope you'll share it with me.




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